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Written by Allen Lawreence, M.D.   

As a Holistic Gynecologist, Dr. Lawrence believes that every woman is a unique and special individual.

We believe that most diseases and illnesses are intelligent communications from our body, giving us information that we have unresolved conflicts that must be resolved. Our intelligent body-mind can't communicate with us in words only with what we now think of as signs and symptoms. Illness tell us that our body-mind is demanding that we resolve one or another of these conflicts and that we get past them and make our life work for us. We see no woman as either a "diseases person"  nor as a "diseased patient," rather we see each woman, as an individual. If she is ill, it is because she has one or more unresolved conflicts and that her body-mind wants solutions.

We know from many years of experience that when unresolved conflicts are resolved and set right, with answers and solution she finds and correctly applies, her health problems, will also be resolved.
The same signs and symptoms which allow us to diagnose her illness, are also the clues to solving her unresolved issues. If used appropriately, not only can her illness be healed, but their cause(s) can also be resolved and healed, as well. This leaves her stronger, better and healthier than before. She is cured as her body, mind, emotions, spirit and life force energies are returned to their normal and natural state of health and wellness. Conditions such as premenstrual syndrome, menopause, ovarian cysts, pelvic pain, infertility, and others can be understood to be the result of unresolved conflict caused by some combination of physical, emotional, spiritual, life force energy, social and environmental imbalances.

For this reason, Dr. Lawrence performs a thorough evaluation of each woman, evaluating her medical history, physical examination, life style, diet, exercise habits, overall health and wellness, her occupation, family, and everything that might have any impact al all on her health issue or issues. Included in this evaluation is a review of her emotional, mental, spiritual and life-force energy state looking for unresolved conflicts that may lead to blocks and illness. Holistic gynecology uses education, dietary counseling, exercise therapy, Body Symptom Dialoging, biofeedback, acupuncture, herbs, massage, and other natural therapies to treat undesired gynecologic conditions.

We believe in the empowerment and uplifting of women through positively-oriented information and education. By learning about and knowing your body and how it works, you have power over it, rather than it, having power over you.

If you are having gynecologic or other health problems, let us assist you with restoring yourself to full and complete balance of your body, mind, emotions, spirit and life-force energy.

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